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Liquidity ratios attempt to measure a company s ability to pay off its short term debt obligations. The first ratios we ll take a look at in this tutorial are the liquidity ratios.

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Sub triplicate ratio of a.

Ratio and proportion tutorial pdf. Financial ratios tasks videos. We use ratios everyday. Ratios can be written in 3 different ways.

On a map the legend might tell us one inch is equivalent to 50 miles or we might notice one hand has five fingers. Ratios are said to be in proportion when they are equal. New width of the room 15 feet.

The ratio of 2 to 4 is represented as 2 4 1 2. One pepsi costs 50 cents describes a ratio. Debt service coverage ratio dscr loan life coverage ratio llcr and project life coverage ratio plcr essentially all three ratios are a measure of a project s ability to produce sufficient cashflow to cover its debt obligations.

Well 1 4 x 100 25 1 4 th is also known as one quarter that is one part out of 4 parts 2 4 1 2 50 3 4 75 and 4 4 100 3. Typically a proportion looks like a word equation as follows. Sub duplicate ratio of a.

Write the ratio of the number of girls to total students. Supposing we have a b c d being four farmers who have contributed rs. For example suppose you know that both you and your friend andrew brought the same proportion of scarves to caps.

Since ratio of door width to room width or room width to door width should remain the same we have 1 4 new width of the door 15. Those are all examples of comparisons ratios. B duplicate ratio of a.

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This 1 4 ratio can be denoted as a percentage too. As a fraction using a colon. Therefore the ratio defines the relation between two quantities such as a b where b is not equal to 0.

If you also know that andrew brought 8 scarves you. In a class of 20 students 12 are girls. This is done by comparing a company s most liquid assets or those that can be easily converted to cash its short term liabilities.

Financial ratios lecture financial ratio analysis tutorial part 1. In practice a ratio is most useful when used to set up a proportion that is an equation involving two ratios. Bd it is the ratio of product of first terms in every ratio to the product of second term in every ratio.

Ratio and proportion pdf. If we solve this proportional statement we get. Using the word to 12 20 12 to 20 ratios can be reduced.

For a ratio of a. A ratio can be written three different ways. 2 2 tutorial conventions the three project finance ratios that are covered here include.

Width of the door 15 feet x 1 4 3 75 feet. Ratio proportion a ratio is a comparison between two quantities. For example is a ratio and the proportion statement is 20 25.

View module 2 financial ratios pdf from acc 4 at mcmaster university. 20 x 5 25 x 4. Ratios rates unit rates proportions packet ratios a ratio is a comparison of two quantities.

Compounded ratio of a. Triplicate ratio of a.

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